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Water Damage Restoration Washington

If you have water damage in Vancouver call today

For Expert Cleanup of Water Damage, Contact the Experts at ARS 

For expert 24/7 Water Damage in Vancouver, Washington call ARS right away! Water damage can occur in your home with little warning,   Perhaps your area has experienced a heavy rain and flooding, or your home has been victim to a water main break or a sewage back-up; even if you have water and smoke damage from a recent fire, it is imperative that you take steps to manage water removal and repair water damage right away.  Standing water is a breeding ground for bacteria and various molds that can make your home’s atmosphere toxic.

For expert flood restoration, water extraction, and flood cleanup, your first step should be to call water damage expert at ARS.  Here you will find experts who can get to work right away on water damage repair, restoring your basement or ground floor quickly and thoroughly.  This cleanup will include water damage, sewage back-ups, and even smoke damage as needed.

It is important to take care of water damage in your home immediately, not only for the sake of cleanliness, but also for the sake of the health and well being of your family.  Mold will begin to form within the first 48 to 72 hours of the occurrence of basement water.  Removing the water is not enough; if proper measures are not taken right away to fix water damage, mold spores will spread within the home, making your home’s air unsafe.  It is much easier and much less expensive to contract water damage restoration than to manage the complete removal of mold from your walls and floors.

For expert control and repair of water damage, Vancouver, WA residents have experts

they can call at ARS.  Here you can access the following prompt and professional services:

  • Professional assessment of water or flood damage
  • Use of professional equipment like professional grade dehumidifiers
  • Complete water damage clean up including dehumidifying and deodorizing
  • Professional restoration
  • Restoration of carpet and furniture

The professionals at ARS will work directly with your homeowner’s insurance, billing the water damage to your insurance company directly to reduce your out-of-pocket expense and making the entire ordeal more manageable and less painful for you.  Water and flood cleanup is what these folks do every day, so you can count on them having the expertise to take care of your home.

A flooded basement can be heartbreaking.  There are often losses that cannot be replaced, like photographs and keepsakes, but utilizing a professional water restoration service will make the overall process much easier and ensure that your home environment is restored to a clean, safe condition in a prompt and efficient manner.

In you have Water Damage in Vancouver, Washington do not hesitate to address your flooded basement immediately.   One call can get your recovery started right away.  Prompt expert water and sewage removal can mean the difference between a complete recovery and long term complications due to standing water.