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Mold Damage Vancouver WA

Mold, the unwanted visitor… Mold is extremely hazardous and potentially deadly, both seen and unseen. The US Environmental Protection Agency calls it the “asbestos of our age”. Early detection and eradication is the key to limiting structural damage and eliminating health risks to family & pets. Our technicians are armed with the latest evaluation technology — infrared camera imaging that literally lets them see moisture through walls! This enables us to pinpoint every problem area, giving you a thorough assessment of the extent of your damage. We can even test your personal effects like stuffed animals, toys, and clothing!

Mold Removal Vancouver WA

ARS, Inc. delivers the most accurate, cutting-edge measures of inspecting current conditions and providing you targeted consultation for preventative maintenance. Our full-service mold damage restoration services have set the gold standard for the industry. So whether you’re in need of mold damage repair, mold removal, water damage restoration, water removal, fire damage cleanup, tear-outs, build-backs, or general home damage restoration, ARS, Inc. is on the cutting edge of helping you clean up.

Mold Remediation Vancouver WA

Even small traces of mold in the air can be harmful — studies have directly linked the presence of mold to a number of respiratory ailments including asthma, croup, pneumonia, and bronchitis. The American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine recently reported that children in homes with the most fungi — mold, mildew, or water damage — had an 86% higher risk of developing upper respiratory infections in the first year. All discernable moisture areas in your home should undergo air testing and clearance testing (sampling) to ensure the safety of your family. At ARS, Inc., we provide comprehensive mold air testing and sampling services; so if you’ve got a problem, we’ll provide total mold abatement & remediation. We’ll also consult with you on any necessary structural drying and odor removal eradication procedures to bring your property back to pre-loss condition.

Mold Abatement Vancouver WA

The mold removal process begins with an inspection and identification of possible troubled areas. Our infrared imaging, pictured right is a powerful tool for doing just that. If moisture is an issue, it must be dealt with first to make sure that the mold doesn’t come back after removal. If the mold is deep in a wall, ceiling or floor tearouts and reconstruction may be necessary. Dehumidification of troubled areas (like basements) help prevent reinfestation and mold leaves an odor that must also be dealt with properly. If you have any reason to be suspicious of mold – odor, event or asthma – it is a good time for an inspection.


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