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Hardwood Floor Drying & Hardwood Repair

Wood floors that are well maintained add such a beauty to your home. Unfortunately accidents happen and less than ideal situations present themselves, we maintain specialized equipment for drying hardwood floors in case of such an event. Our complete hardwood floor services are exactly what you need to restore the beauty of your hardwood flooring. Our in house hardwood refinishing crew has the ability to remove damaged boards, even in the middle of the floor. Our specialized repair technicians are fully trained in the most skillful manner. Whether you are looking to repair your hardwood floor, replace damaged boards in the field, or add a custom inlay… we are your answer. Depending on your needs, these services can often be completed in as little as one day

Hardwood Floor Refinishing

There are different degrees of refinishing your hardwood flooring. A lighter maintenance refinishing is called “screening”. The more intense refinishing is called resurfacing. Our screening process can take a dull floor and return it’s sheen in as little as one day, this of course varies as does the size of the flooring, layout, and your personal requests. There are a number of other factors that will play into the overall outcome of your project. Call us today for your free inspection. Our estimates are free as well.  We offer : hardwood screening, hardwood refinishing, hardwood floor repair, hardwood floor staining, complete resurfacing, hardwood floor installation, and custom inlays. We are the solution to your hardwood flooring projects.

Hardwood Floor Installation

Full service installation services of hardwood flooring offers the unique beauty that only hardwood flooring can offer. We offer the installation of both unfinished hardwood flooring, and pre-finished hardwood flooring. There are pros and cons to each of these, our knowledgeable staff will be able to help you understand the benefits of each of these options.

Hardwood Refinishing

Unfinished hardwood flooring must initially be placed in the environment in which it will  later be installed for at least 72 hours. This process is called acclimation. This allows the flooring the chance to equalize it’s moisture level with the environment it will later be installed. Failing to allow the opportunity to equalize, or acclimate can result in boards separating at the joints after they have been installed. The shrinking is the result of the boards loosing moisture in their new environment. Once the acclimation has occurred, we can move on to the installation. Upon the completion of the installation, we would sand the hardwood flooring to resurface your new floor. This process is performed with drum sanders, edgers, and floor buffers that all have dust recovery systems. There are several factors that will play into the refinishing process : your choice of staining the hardwood or not, the sheen in which you select for your new finish, and whether the polyurethane finish is water-based, or oil-base. Some exotic woods are not available in pre-finished selections.  Feel free to contact us with any questions that you may have.

Pre-finished Hardwood Floor Installation

Much different than the unfinished hardwood flooring explained above… pre-finished hardwood flooring already comes with the finish on the product. There are again pros and cons to this type of product. Contact us directly for more information in determining what fits your needs the best. Pre-finished hardwood flooring comes in many options. Some of these are known as engineered wood flooring, pre-finished hardwood flooring, and some people often mistaken laminates as a hardwood floor. We will take a look at those next. Pre-finished wood flooring offers the homeowner the ability to by-pass the entire refinishing process. This cuts down on time and cost of refinishing, though the pre-finished products are often more than the unfinished products. ARS, Inc. offers installation of all flooring.

Laminate Floor Installation

Laminate flooring offers an inexpensive solution for a hard surface flooring installation. In many cases laminate flooring offers a higher durability factor that translates to homeowners as lasting investment. The ever evolving laminate flooring manufacturers are producing options to represent nearly all patterns of “real wood” appearance. Laminate flooring represents the similar installation practices of pre-finished wood floors. Call today for your free in home inspection and flooring consultation.